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Designed by RATs (Really Amateur Throwers) like
us, for RATs.  We enjoy throwing no spin knives more than making them!

So, what makes our knives unique?

Precision Engineered


Precision engineered and machined (not ground) to provide consistent performance for instinctive throwing.  We start with a software design, focusing on balance point, length and weight.  Implementation error is typically <0.5% from design parameters.  We may not be consistent throwers, but we throw consistently made knives!

Knife Making Video

Unique Tip Geometry


Asymmetrical tip profile is unlike anything else commercially available.  We designed our signature cut tip for deep penetration, but with the strength of a wider, heavier tip.  Like Tom-Tom's "Arrow" design, and other quality throwing knives, we are focused only on functionality.  So, it won't slice bread or chop wood, but it will stick!  After all, isn't that the purpose of a throwing knife?

Unique Features

Designed for No-Spin Throwing


The handle-heavy design (~39%) provides the proper balance for instinctive throwing.  A distinct handle/blade interface allows for quick acquisition of the proper finger placement.  Because our different knife designs share the same balance points (1" ± 0.2" behind the handle/blade interface) this allows for the same BP reference when throwing any of our knives no matter the size and weight.  Just a different approach to accomplish the same task.  We like it!

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Visit our YouTube channel "No Spin RAT". We make stuff in our shop and then throw stuff. Full Life!

We built this site to share information that is difficult to provide in a video, such as documents and spreadsheets that you may find useful.  We enjoy making what we throw, as well as the tools required for the process.

We continue to apply lessons learned in order to improve the design and performance of our knives.  We believe that our no spin knives are the best for instinctive throwers, like us. 

We also work hard to improve our throwing skills.  Our knives help a great deal in that regard!

Bellablades! Destructive testing never stops!

How We Make Our Knives, Sort of

This is a video we put together when the Bearded RAT decided to make some Christmas knives as a present for yet another RAT.  We condensed two - three days of work into about 20 minutes.  Enjoy!

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